Billing Questions

Question 1

I purchased only the $7 product, but a few days later I was billed $100. WHY?

Answer 1

It is Legally Stated on our sales page that it’s a $7 TRIAL for 3 days and then you will get billed $100 monthly to have access to our membership.  You can can CANCEL anytime but there is no refund after 3 days. It is mentioned at the bottom of the page called DISCLAIMER since 2013.

Cancel here:

Here is what the Legal Disclaimer states:

“I understand that this a monthly membership and the first payment of one hundred dollars including tax will begin within three days of initial trial purchase until cancelled.”

Official Legal Disclaimer Page:

Sale Page here (look below at DISCLAIMER section):

After cancellation, we can stop any further payments for you, however this means you will not receive new content.

Question 2

How do I cancel?

Answer 2

We strongly recommend doing at least 3 months of the membership to get the best results based on our data.

However, you can cancel here:

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